Марфа Васильевна (mmarevna) wrote in linguistics,
Марфа Васильевна

Native English speakers needed for a linguistic study

Hello, dear linguists.
I am conducting an experiment on the understanding of written discourse. And I'm in a great need for participants.
If you are a native English speaker and can spend 20 minutes of your time for participating, please go to http://virtualexs.ru/cgi-bin/exsurveys/survey.cgi?ac=6455 (the server is Russian and there is some text in Russian, it is automatically generated anв I cannot delete it. All the instructions and questions and buttons are in English).

This study is a part of a big research project involving corpus, experimental and machine learning  methods for analysing discourse.  cannot tell all the details before the experiment, but I can explain them after you've finished.

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